We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in 2016

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Operation Henry are proud to have supported many families over the last 15 years, and will continue to do so. In 2015 we expanded our services across the UK to help even more families then ever before. As2WnseXlTFeD7HdnbhckY3EdHVLA5rcOfDPlsie-Wa3
Operation Henry will be celebrating 15 years since it was formed in 2001 by David Snelling, whose father died from pancreatic cancer.
David recalls "I wanted to know why there could be nothing done, so I decided there and then to look after people who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer"
David’s first fundraising challenge was to complete a 2000km trek across central Europe, with his trusted Hinny Henry, to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer research. David felt as though there was not enough support being given to individuals and families dealing with pancreatic cancer, so Operation Henry was created.

Our aim is simple...To meet the needs of individuals (and families) suffering from pancreatic cancer so that we can improve their quality of life.

And Operation Henry's mission … Uniquely, to focus on providing for their humanitarian needs. Working directly with patients to provide palliative support; taking over unaffordable associated burdens that come with pancreatic cancer as well as arranging invaluable respite for patients and their families, making their final time together more tolerable, relieving the trauma of being told that they have a terminal condition, and offering them memories to cherish.

Operation Henry has received a wonderful amount of support over the last 15 years - Thank you . We now aim to increase our support across the UK so we can help more families then ever before.