CANCERactive is an independent charity that aims to help people increase their personal odds of beating cancer. To achieve this we believe in empowering people – to understand the possible causes and to build effective integrated therapy programmes, using well-researched, Complementary and Alternative therapies not merely Orthodox ones – the best of the best.On our web site( you will find ALL the information you need to do this – the whole truth. CANCERactive. Intelligent Information. Independent Voice.

The Confraternity of Saint James is a non-denominational association of former / current pilgrim walkers, cyclists and others interested in the history and culture of Europe. There are similar pilgrim associations in most European countries. In British terms, we’re an educational charity and a not-for-profit organisation with over 1000 members, most of us have made the pilgrimage to Spain and have been sufficiently affected by it to want to give something back; giving advice and help to prospective pilgrims is our way of doing so. To contact us-Tel:- 020 7928 9988 or

Reg: Charity No:1091140

The British Mule Society (BMS) was founded in 1978 by Lorraine Travis and a small group of people dedicated to the interest and care of mules. Since then the society has grown with members across the UK and overseas.  The society publishes a quarterly journal, written by members, with a wide range of articles about mules as well as hinnies in the UK and abroad.  The BMS maintains links with and sends its journal to other, similar, organisations around the world, aiming to advance public interest in the knowledge of mules and to encourage, promote and improve the care, management and breeding of mules. The society keeps a register of British mules and the Honorary Secretary or other officers may know of mules and hinnies for sale or wanted which are also, usually, advertised in the journal.To contact Tel:-01 793 615478 or

Reg: Charity No:1089542

The Mission of The Scientific Exploration Society is to:
Enable the advancement of knowledge through the initiation and the support of challenging expeditions around the world. To achieve this mission The SES will:-

·Ensure the provision of experienced and professional exploration leadership in support of scientific research and conservation projects

·Enhance the professional development and leadership potential of participants through their involvement in practical exploration and research.

·Ensure all projects aim to leave a legacy of benefit to the community.

To contact Tel: 01747 854456, email: or visit:

The Honorary President of the S.E.S.- Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE, DSc  (Hon), D Eng (hc),FRSGS has been the inspiration and Patron of ‘The Operation Henry Trust’ since its foundation.

Reg: Charity No:1145214

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