Case Study: No2- Mr B. (Exeter)

On receipt of an application for benefits from an ex-serviceman, a visit was arranged for a Trustee to conduct a meeting to establish ‘needs’ , a procedure normally carried out by Volunteer Assessors. The patient’s prognosis was extremely serious and the need to have regular blood transfusions was causing anxiety as he had to drive to the hospital for treatment. His wife, suffering from a mental condition was unable to drive and their 3 very active children aged between 15 and 9 needed to have transport for their own health and essential quality of life. Six weeks after the first meeting the patient passed away. Operation Henry arranged for a dedicated driver and vehicle to be available 24/7 in the absence of public transport, other available facilities and poor weather conditions to provide essential transport for health and other life threatening circumstances. The Trustees are aware of the great work carried out by the Royal British Legion in offering benefits to the family and especially the children relating to visits and holiday breaks.

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