Case Study: No3- Mrs B. (Exeter)

The Trustees, following effective liaison with the C N S nurse based at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital, received an application for benefits from a lady who has 4 children, one with learning difficulties. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer some months ago and was a keen supporter of having medical trials in London, her time away from her family caused some concern. Although a very positive attitude helped to allay the pain and chemotherapy treatment she wanted certain equipment deemed by the trustees as ‘ wants’ and indicated a need for her garden to be attended to for the sake of her family , in remembrance as her prognosis was not good. Operation Henry received a request for a ‘moulded’ mattress as the presence of Deep Vein Thombosis was causing some pain, not an unusual symptom for sufferers. On- going consideration for the garden work is being made and a mattress, requested by the patient’s mother was supplied. Certain work in the garden will be undertaken for her to be able to enjoy her close family and especially her 16 month old grand-son.

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Case study: No2- Mr B. (Exeter)
Monday July 25 2011

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