Local company supports Operation Henry

IMG_0211-SmallWithout the kind support of companies like Essential 6 Ltd we wouldn’t be able to provide our valuable services to pancreatic cancer patients and their families. A huge thank you goes to Managing Director Alan Foster and his company who have kindly sponsored our leaflets which will help us raise awareness across the UK. Pictured is our head of fundraising Marina Leadbetter with Alan. Alan said “Essential 6 Ltd decided to support Operation Henry as we felt that our contribution to a small growing charity would be very needed and that it would make an impact in helping you to achieve your purpose. Your purpose to provide support closely aligns to Essential 6 Ltd core values, one of which focuses on supporting people.”

Dartmouth and Kingsbridge Police Officers raise money for pancreatic cancer

2Two police officers have raised £572 for pancreatic cancer charity Operation Henry by completing their first ever triathlon. Andrew and Iain, 3known to friends, family and locally as Frankie and Ringo took on the triathlon in June and went on to raise a huge amount of money from friends and family. Frankie said “Thank you to everybody who supported us, we’re hoping to do it again next year and raise even more money!”

 Frankie and Ringo decided to fundraise for Operation Henry when they heard about the charity through Trustee David Snelling and said “If we can raise at least £200 to help towards the charities worthwhile work we will be happy”. Well of course Frankie and Ringo smashed this target which they are very happy about.

Cheque PresentationMarina Leadbetter, Head of Fundraising for Operation Henry said “We are the only charity in the UK who gives this unique type of support to pancreatic cancer patients and their families, and our work is dependent on donations. We truly appreciate Frankie and Ringo for their support!”

 Operation Henry is committed to delivering complimentary practical support and respite to people suffering from pancreatic cancer, so they do not have to cope alone.

CrowdFunder Update

The History of Operation Henry

Ahead of the charity being formally established, David Snelling (founder) undertook a 2000km trek across France Davids Testimonialand Spain accompanied by Henry the Hinny (pictured) to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer. David’s father died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 62 and at that point David committed himself to create a registered charity which would provide benefits to those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, as well as raising awareness of the disease.

Little did he think that a bond, unbreakable by comparison to his 45 years of marriage, was to develop with his trusty companion ‘ Henry ‘. A hinny on who he would have to rely through unforgiving terrain, atrocious weather conditions and unprecedented urban conditions of heavy traffic, obnoxious fumes and relentless curiosity through which the pair had to travel.

On Davids return to England, after his 2000km trek, Operation Henry was created. Henry became a huge part of the charity, ferrying locals to and from the supermarket to help them with their shopping as well as visiting local schools to educate them about the charity.1937175_143686408198_4652413_n

Unfortunately Henry is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. Henry and Davids aim has always been the same: To meet the needs of those suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Your donation ensures that the charity continues to provide support to families through the darkest moments of their lives.
We make sure patients and their families enjoy as much as possible for what may be the remaining few months of their lives.

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Crowdfunder Launched

Liz’s Story

Today we launched our crowdfunding GlobalGiving project to our supporters and we received a wonderful response.

Thank you for all your shares, like and pledges we truly appreciate your support.

Click Here for more information on this project.



GlobalGiving Crowdfunding Challenge Approved


Operation Henry are thrilled to have been accepted and approved to take part in the GlobalGiving UK Crowdfunding Challenge which goes live on Monday 13th June at 2pm!

It's taken a lot of hard work, training and a lengthy due diligence process to get to this point. Our project, 'Help Build Memories A Family Can Cherish', needs to raise a target £5000, which will help 10 families across the UK suffering from pancreatic cancer.

The crowdfunding project will only run for 5 weeks from Monday 13th June - Monday 18th July. Operation Henry needs to raise at least £2500 from 50 donors to become a partner of GlobalGiving which will gain us access to wonderful benefits such as corporate grant support that will help sustain the charity

**Now we need your help!**

On Monday 13th June from 2pm, we need your help with sharing and donating towards the project to help us reach our target in time. Sharing our project with your own networks is an invaluable way to let people know about Operation Henry and how was can help others.

So set yourself a reminder now: Monday 13th June 2016, 2pm "Share Operation Henry's Project on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In"

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We Need Your Help!


Help Needed

We’re looking for a couple of volunteers who will help cover 10am-2pm bucket collections!

Friday 3rd June 2016Bristol and Exeter Street Collections.

If you are free to help please email: fundraising@operationhenry.org

Expenses to and from the collection are paid.



He was told he had 10 months to Live in November 2012…

4 years on Wilko Johnson tells The Chronicle about his remarkable story.

The story started after Wilko was forced to cancel a show through illness in November 2012.

The subsequent diagnosis was extremely cruel – pancreatic cancer – and he was given just 10 months to live.

He declined to undergo chemotherapy. Wilko takes up the tale: “I accepted at the beginning that I was going to die and I just wanted to make the most of the rest of my life.

Read more here … http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/wilko-johnson-chats-remarkable-battle-11100476