Tiny tubes to treat pancreatic cancer

Doctors in the United States have suggested that nano tubes thinner than a human hair could help treat pancreatic cancer.

Nano tubes are so small it is hoped they could carry chemotherapy drugs to tumours through the gaps in blood vessel walls. It is hoped the tubes can be loaded with drugs which can then be shaken free by ultrasounds once the tube is in place to deliver the treatment. Because of the pancreases location in the body this treatment could be particularly useful to help treat pancreatic cancer patients due to the difficulty usually found in accessing the tumours.

NICE decides Abraxane will not be available on the NHS

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has ruled in the last month that pancreatic cancer drug Abraxane should not be provided on the NHS because while more effective than one of the currently approved pancreatic cancer treatments it is associated with more serious side effects and is also more expensive.

For full details of the story please click here. (Original Article, www.thepharmaletter.com, 30/12/2014)

Further details on Abraxane are available from MacMillan.

Wilko Johnson’s Pancreatic Cancer Cured

Former Dr Feelgood Guitarist Wilko Johnson announced recently at the Q awards in London that he was free of the terminal pancreatic cancer with which he was diagnosed in 2012.

For the full story and video of his announcement you can check out the BBC News Article.