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The History of Operation Henry

Ahead of the charity being formally established, David Snelling (founder) undertook a 2000km trek across France Davids Testimonialand Spain accompanied by Henry the Hinny (pictured) to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer. David’s father died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 62 and at that point David committed himself to create a registered charity which would provide benefits to those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, as well as raising awareness of the disease.

Little did he think that a bond, unbreakable by comparison to his 45 years of marriage, was to develop with his trusty companion ‘ Henry ‘. A hinny on who he would have to rely through unforgiving terrain, atrocious weather conditions and unprecedented urban conditions of heavy traffic, obnoxious fumes and relentless curiosity through which the pair had to travel.

On Davids return to England, after his 2000km trek, Operation Henry was created. Henry became a huge part of the charity, ferrying locals to and from the supermarket to help them with their shopping as well as visiting local schools to educate them about the charity.1937175_143686408198_4652413_n

Unfortunately Henry is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. Henry and Davids aim has always been the same: To meet the needs of those suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Your donation ensures that the charity continues to provide support to families through the darkest moments of their lives.
We make sure patients and their families enjoy as much as possible for what may be the remaining few months of their lives.

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