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OpeDavids Testimonialration Henry have set up a CrowdFunding campaign via GlobalGiving UK, where we must raise a minimum of £2500 in 5 weeks in order to provide support to 10 UK families who need our help. The importance of this project to Operation Henry is not only to provide vital support to those suffering from pancreatic cancer, but also to become a GlobalGiving partner which will help sustain our future as a charity and help us support more people suffering from this horrific disease.


Operation Henry's Managing Trustee and Founder David Snelling has been the driving force of Operation Henry since February 2001 when his father passed away from the disease. David has put his life, heart, soul and passion in to providing support for patients across the UK, so that we can help every family that comes to us for help.

Why are we called Operation Henry? Read more about the history of Operation Henry, Here

Project Summary

This project will help 10 families across the UK who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease that only 3% survive beyond 5 years, by providing free support services to the patient and their family, helping alleviate the stress and sadness in what are very often their final few months of life. We provide a unique kind of support addressing patient's individual needs, allowing us to take away some small part of the burden their diagnosis puts on them and their family.
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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Pancreatic cancer is known as the silent cancer because symptoms can go undiagnosed for weeks or even months until the patient becomes very ill, at which point they must deal with the awful reality that the cancer is too advanced for treatment to work, leaving them with very little hope. The pressure on the whole family after diagnosis is extreme, the families we help are often left feeling confused, helpless and alone.

How will this project solve this problem?

Operation Henry funds respite breaks, allowing the family to spend quality time together creating cherished and happy memories, as well as providing the patient and family with important support services that help to alleviate the stress and trauma of being diagnosed with this terrible disease. By taking over some of the burdens caused by the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, we ensure that patients are able to enjoy as much as possible what may be the remaining few months of their lives.

Potential Long Term Impact

Helping 10 people from across the UK who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer by providing support services to both them and their family will help to improve the patient's quality of life by reducing the stress and trauma on the family as a whole. With your help we can allow somebody suffering from a terrible disease time to focus on their family and spend precious time together creating cherished memories that the families will always have.

How Can You Help?

We need as much support as possible to reach our £5000 target by Monday 18th July. Please share our project page, donate and ask your friends and family too as well.

Thank you for your support