Making a donation

Thank you for considering making a donation to help us support pancreatic cancer patients and their families.

We take online donations via TotalGiving as its the easiest way for us to process and accept donations, just click below to be redirected to their easy to use donation site.


Monthly Donations

If you would like to make a recurring monthly donation using the link above then please know that these do make such a difference in allowing us to plan and secure the Trust's future to make sure we can carry on helping people for a long time to come.

What will you achieve with your donation?

£50 Allows Operation Henry to send out 100 leaflets to an oncology department to help reach out to those who are suffering from pancreatic cancer.

£150 Could help fund two weeks worth of travel for one of our beneficiaries or their family, to and from the hospital.

£500 Could help fund a special respite break with a patients family or loved one. 

£700 Could help fund 6 weeks worth of childcare for an unwell parent during treatment.