Leaving a Legacy

Planning in advance to save your tax liability

LegacyAny gift or legacy  you decide to leave us, of whatever size, will help to safeguard our continuing support to those suffering from pancreatic cancer across the UK. It may also help to reduce the inheritance tax liability on your Estate.

The annual cost to provide our complimentary services to our beneficiaries is in excess of £100,000 and this is likely to increase significantly over time. All of this is provided by the generosity of our supporters.  As you can imagine, legacies are vital to us because they enable us to make plans for the years ahead. So, by remembering us in your Will you will be part of our future.  You’ll enable us to make plans to improve our current services, develop new ones and find more ways to help those who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

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Legacy and Tax benefits for your family

Operation Henry is a charity, so legacies made to us are exempt from inheritance tax. Plus, if you decide to leave 10% or more of your estate to charity, you will benefit from a 10% reduction in inheritance tax.  Currently inheritance tax is payable at 40% on estates of over £325,000 which must be paid before any of your beneficiaries receive their share. However, this would drop to 36% if you left 10% or more of your estate to charity. Therefore, a charitable gift could bring the value of your Estate to below the threshold for inheritance tax with very little effect on its value for other beneficiaries of your will.

This is part of the independent campaign Legacy10 which aims to encourage charitable giving in the United Kingdom by taking advantage of the change in inheritance tax rules to increase the number of people leaving money to charitable causes in their will.

For further information about legacys and inheritance tax please speak to your financial advisor

Operation Henry has partnered with Portcullis Solicitors and McClure Solicitors to offer you a Free Will Writing Service. Please click here for more information.