Safe & Legal Fundraising

If you are planning to fundraise, you should be aware of the laws that affect fundraising. The laws vary according to the activity. Regulations are in place to protect the public as well as you, the fundraiser. Your event may require permission from the police, your local council or from us as the charity concerned. Please adhere to the following rules for happy, safe and legal fundraising:

1) Use of our logos It is OH's policy not to permit use of our logo by others without a contract in place. Please do not reproduce the OH logos without our permission. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
 2) Raffles and lotteries. There are very strict regulations regarding the organisation of raffles and lotteries. Operation Henry recommends that you follow the advice of the Gambling Commission in full. In some cases, you may need to obtain a licence from your local authority, if so it is best to obtain your licence well in advance of your activity.
3) Health & safety and risk assessments.When planning your event consider all possible hazards and risks. We strongly recommend carrying out a risk assessment to make sure you have the necessary precautions in place for a safe event. Consider your first aid requirements and re safety. Contact your local branch of St John Ambulance or British Red Cross and/or your local re station for general advice.
Useful links:
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4) Food, alcohol and music at events. If you are organising an event that involves food, alcohol or music, you may require a licence. Please check with your venue and your local authority.
The Food Standards Agency offers lots of useful advice and information on food hygiene
5) Insurance. Operation Henry cannot accept responsibility for any damage, accidents or injury should they occur at your event. You may need Public Liability insurance to cover your activity. Check with your venue first to see if you are protected under their policy
6) Data protection. Any information you record about people and guests involved in your fundraising event must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. It is good practice not to share information or private data without the person’s permission, and only keep the information as long as you need to for your event.
See for full details.
7) Cash handling at events. Check there is somewhere safe to keep cash at the venue. Keep money in a secure box and ensure that there are two people with the money at all times. Think about who will bank the cash at the end of your event. It is safest to bank all cash and cheques as soon as possible after your event. Only place cardboard money boxes in supervised locations and never leave cash unattended. Do not send cash in the post!
8) Collections. A collection held on private property does not need a licence but does require permission from the owner/manager. Make sure you have written permission with the date of the collection and the details of the premises where you wish to collect.
9) Social media, We recommend double checking anything before you post or tweet - anything you say through social media becomes available instantly in the public domain.