Skydive for Fre

Jump for Free!

The costs of Skydiving

Our tour operator, UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd, will ask for a deposit of between £50 - £100 (depending on your skydive location) at the time of booking.

Option 1

Use a portion of your sponsorship money to fund part or the total cost of the jump. This is the free option!

We’ll ask you to raise a minimum sponsorship of between £400 - £600 (depending on your skydive location) which you must raise in order to jump on your chosen day. A portion of your fundraising total will pay for your skydive

Option 2

Self fund for your skydive by paying for the deposit and Jump cost, then send all the money raised to Operation Henry.

Already got your jump booked?

If you've already signed up to do a skydive and want to support Operation Henry, please get in touch and we can support you with your fundraising.